Put your fingers this way and discover something Amazing!

A Chinese legend has a special significance for the fingers on our hands. Namely, the thumbs characterizes our parents, the index fingers represent our siblings and friends, the middle fingers symbolize you, the ring fingers symbolize your partner, while the little fingers present your children.

Fold your hands palm to palm and then put the middle fingers like presented in the video. First, separate your thumbs (parents), you will notice that they are separated as they are not the ones who will live with you forever, then fold them again. After that, separate the index fingers (siblings), and you will notice that it is possible as they are the ones who regularly go because they have their own life tracks. Separate the small fingers (children). This is also possible due to they grow and go through life. Fold them again. Finally, try to separate your ring fingers (spouse). You’ll be surprised. It is impossible to do.


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