He Won the Modern Medicine: Severe lung Cancer Cured with Honey

It is said that cancer is an incurable disease which is the only chemotherapy drug, but this method will destroy you more than the disease.

However, people in the world able to without too much trouble, using nature and natural remedies cure cancer.

Some have managed to carry out a carrot, another cannabis third turmeric, and bicarbonate of soda, and the latest solution is between.

Ms. Kresic from Croatia 13 years ago diagnosed with a severe form of cancer – lung cancer and was told he would not live much longer. However, with the help of honey and herbs, Kresic has fully cured cancer, and today is completely healthy and engaged in beekeeping.

From the hospital he was discharged in April, but until fully recovered. When a few months left for Zagreb to control, doctors could not believe that he is still alive.

They stated that they will continue with his therapy, his blood count was soon looked like he did not have health problems.

Healthy and in full force, Kresic parts of their experiences with people from around the world, considering that his human duty.

Honey is known in folk medicine for centuries, and thanks to its composition, from time immemorial is considered a sacred food and one of the most natural medicines.

In Tutankhamen’s tomb were found containers with edible honey that dates back over 3,000 years. The Greeks and Romans had it during the wars used to strengthen the body and wound healing. However, long have you ever used, only those from the rich layers of society because it was very expensive.

Mr. Kresic is not the only one who testified that the gold thick liquid can cure cancer completely if combined with a seasoning such as pine needles, ginger, and other plants. One Bosnian woman has cured cancer with honey and ginger and published his recipe in the hope that it will help someone else.

She had cancer of the endocrine glands and keeping her on life support for 20 days. She began to use the recipe and after a few days to fully recover without the use of chemotherapy, surgery or any other drugs.

The recipe she sent is as follows:

Two more ginger root finely chopped with the help of cutters. After that, the chopped ginger mixed with one pound of honey. This woman is also noted that between has to be home, and that you are buying from a trusted source.

Thus prepared between put in jars and consumed 3-4 times a day, one tablespoon. It is important to use a wooden or plastic spoon, not metal. The first effects will appear after


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