With These Simple Exercises You Can Build New Brain Cells

Over the years, human brain may experience some deterioration, but it doesn’t mean that each person cannot remodel it and improve their thinking power. We will explain how your body can drastically benefit your mind:

Thinking up a sweat – many people believed that the structure of the brain was unchangeable one the individual reaches adulthood, but the researches at Wayne State University discovered that it is not true. They observed the brain activity of lab rats in order to determine at what point in time and under what circumstances will the brain begin to lose its ability to grow. They discovered that prolonged periods of sedentary behavior may lead to deterioration of the brain, through limiting the physical activity of a portion of the rats.

Simple exercises – your brain may grow with very simple exercises. Take regular rest periods and drink lots of fluids to keep you energized during the workouts.

  • Wall push-ups – this exercise can be performed anywhere. You will need a flat wall. Stand 6 inches away from the wall, place your hands against it and take 2-3 steps backwards. When your body gets in a diagonal position, bend your arms until your face and chest are an inch away from the wall. Then, strengthen the arms to bring yourself further away from the wall. Repeat the exercise 5-10 times.
  • Lunges – stand with your feet 6-8 inches apart and take a large step forward. Allow your knees to bend for 90 degrees and hold like that counting until 3, and then with your forward leg, push yourself back to a standing position. Switch legs and repeat the procedure, 5 times for each leg.
  • Walking – this is a low impact exercise with big results. It will improve brain neurons development and will also improve overall cardiovascular health. Taking just a few moments out of your day you may have an important impact on the health of your brain.

source: http://healthytipsworld.com/


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