When the baby changing environment: 3 tips for better sleep

Babies usually crave daily routine to which they are accustomed, but sometimes this routine must disrupt. Here’s how to ease your baby adjusting to a new environment and travel.

A baby sleeping peacefully in her crib, but when you jump out of your daily routine can not seem to fall asleep. This is actually quite normal for babies who crave daily routine to which they are accustomed.

However, from time to time is a good time to change the environment in which the baby sleeps, as this will facilitate future trips or special circumstances in which the child will not be able to sleep in her crib and a strict silence, and besides, so encourage your child’s flexibility.

Here’s how to ease your child adapting to the new environment, and to have good night’s sleep …

Do not overcomplicate

It would be best to try out a routine at home what you have when you go on a journey. Move breastfeeding or give the child a bottle in a different time. If the baby is accustomed solely to you, let’s few nights tuckin partner. It’s actually very simple and babies usually accept much more easily than parents who are entangled in the planning.

Shakedown cruise

If the baby sleep in a portable crib or eat baby food purchased that is not used, it is a week earlier in a child’s routine to insert the news. Let your baby sleep for several days in a portable crib that will travel to replace the “real” bed. If you will be traveling to certain changes in the child’s feeding, it needs time to prepare for it. If the baby is big enough for solid foods, offer her time to the new baby food to see what the reaction is and whether it will accept.

Make sure your child something familiar

The changes are good, but small children will benefit and something familiar to reassure them. Let it be a favorite blanket, toy, or the music they listen to before bedtime.


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