What Should Your Blood Pressure Be According To Your Age?

Regulating your blood pressure is very important, because high blood pressure can be very harmful, sometimes a life threat. It affects the function of the kidneys, arteries, and the whole body in general. This can cause heart failure, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure… All of these health issues, dangerous to life, are the reason why many doctors prescribe aggressive therapies for treating hypertension. But, there is no same method that can be applied to everyone. For example, treatments for 50-year old men are not the same like treatments for 80-year old man. And the therapy is not the same.

Blood Pressure According To Your Age

How hypertension can be diagnosed?

Doctors need a precise picture of patients’ blood pressure and to monitor how things are developing.
Most of you maybe didn’t know that the process begins at the age of 20.

The American Heart Association advises young people to screen the blood pressure at least once in 2 years.

This is recommended for people whose blood pressure is lower than 120/80 mm Hg.
As your heartbeats rise, your blood pressure also rise, and drops when your heart relaxes, and the beats slow down.
Blood pressure varies, and it depends on physical activity, posture, stress and sleep.

At adult people at the age of 20, normal blood pressure is less than 120/80 mm Hg, which means less than 80 diastolic and less than 120 systolic.

Unfortunately, in the US one in three adults suffers from high blood pressure.


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