What Is Your Acne Telling You?

We are all trying to explain the appearance of acne as a result of hormonal changes. But the place acne appear tells us more than we think. The face is like a map that shows us what is wrong with our organism. Although it seems very strange, this approach is explained by many dermatologists from all over the world. Every acne has its own story .

1 and 2 – Problems with the digestive system
Avoid fast food and meals with a lot of fat. Consume more water and eat more refreshing fruits and vegetables, such as cucumber.

3 – Lungs
Reduce the amount of alcohol, fatty food and dairy products. Everyday do at least 30 minutes of light exercise and try to sleep well in order to rest your lungs.

4 and 5 – Dehydration
This zone is linked to dehydration. Drink plenty of fluids.

6 – Heart
Check your blood pressure as well as the vitamin B leves. Eat less hot food and spices, and try to spend more time on fresh air. Replace bad fats with good ones such as omega 3 fatty acids which can be found in wallnuts, avocado or fish. This area is also at risk for the appearance of enlarged pores, so chech the expiration date of your makeup.

7 and 8 – Kidneys
Drink plenty of fluids. Reduce the intake of soda, alcohol and coffee.

9 and 10 – Airways
Perhaps you are a smoker or allergic to something? If not, try to eat as much fresh food as possible, reduce sugar intake and regularly spend time in fresh air. Eat less meat and dairy products, avoid alcohol, caffeine and sugar and instead eat more fruits and drink fresh juices. Acne in this area also very often appear because of the bacteria on your phone.

11 and 12 – Hormones
This is the area where hormone and stress related acne appear. Try to reduce stress and keep your skin clean. An interesting fact is that acne in this area appear during ovulation.

13 – Stomach
Drink herbal tea and eat food rich in dietary fiber.

14. Illness
Acne in this area often show that your body is fighting a bacteria and trying to avoid a disease. Find a way to relax, for example practice yoga or take afternoon naps.


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