Ways to bond Yourselves with regular Exercise habit

We have always read many articles on the goodness of staying fit, benefits of exercises and 100 of facebook shares on body fitness practices. Every time we read such article we feel an excitement of starting our fitness practice from the next morning, but we end up with some insane excuse to exercise. If losing pounds is as easy as enjoying your food, then it may help you to stick to it. Many of us can stick to the healthy diet but find difficult to follow regular a fitness practice.

The key to success is shared by three important factors 1. The energy you put in the task, 2. The happiness that drives your motivation 3. Having a healthy body & better sleep. Believe it or not , if you are having these three things on you while in the work or any task you take success is sure to be on your side. Researchers say that people who are into regular fitness practice are more energetic, think more clearly and have a better sleep.

There are so many benefits to exercise it provides a healthy body, healthy mind, it acts as a stress buster. But what we actually search of is, a better reason or excuse to hide from not to do it. You might say you are too busy, but never miss to check out your favorite series in TV or facebook or  any social medias. Here let us see the reasons why we cannot stick to a regular exercise pattern.

It’s only the choice

Whenever you say you are busy, it means you want to choose other things than your exercise. It is not a matter of time, it is your priority over other. The main reason for our choice is, in your subconscious mind you believe that exercise are a bit harder, and you are already tired so you start resisting it. But it is only your belief, exercise really produces a lot of energy flow to our body. It keeps the stress away that we carried all the day long.

Believe in Monday’s magic

I strongly believe that what rules your Monday will decide the week’s performance. So whatever goes on start your Monday with exercise, with a whole lot of power to pull the week.

Never skip two days in a row

Sometimes it is ok to skip a day, but not on the very next day. Because your mind will give you logically believes in getting a break from exercise.

Choose a clear fitness practice

Think of your need for the fitness like you want a weight loss program , muscle training or an athlete training or a yoga program. Decide on it first , make a clear plan, choose a professional to train you if needed. This helps you to set clear and concise goals towards fitness.

Spend something to suit you up

Just go for a shopping to buy you the essentials for doing exercises. It helps your mind motivated towards exercise and also comfortable clothing while at exercise helps to concentrate more on workouts.

Stop pacifying yourselves

Paying for a gym membership doesn’t mean you go to the gym. Having been in shape in high school or college doesn’t mean you’re in shape now. Saying that you don’t have time to exercise doesn’t make it true. So stop acknowledging the excuses you give to yourselves. Start believing these,

  • I am happier when I am outdoor and moving
  • I am happier when I exercise daily,
  • I feel stronger and more powerful when I exercise regularly,
  • I love the sense of accomplishment that comes with a good workout.
  • And finally, my health matters a lot than many other things.

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