Travelling with Your Toddlers, checkout these 8 Tips

Holidays are the most awaited things for each and every one of us. The memories and experiences that engraved within us from the holiday trips are the fuel to run around for the rest of the year. But when you are having kids with you on your holiday, that’s going to be an adrenaline rush in every moment of your trip. For most of the mothers flying with a toddler is almost a nightmare.

Traveling with children can be a bit like taking a herd of wild goats on holiday. Whether they’re your own or someone else’s, factoring a child’s needs into your travels involves a lot more than sticking on a CD full of pop music and making toilet stops.

Here are some of the tips for handling your toddler in a trip and a preparation idea to have a peaceful holiday.

1.Book Ahead

When we are traveling alone we are not worried about the lodging facilities wherever we go. But when we are traveling with kids , it is must book your hotels and other amenities you needed in advance.

2.Aware of the environment

When you are planning a holiday to a particular destination, be aware of the climatic conditions and other environmental factors of the particular city or the country. Because if you are aware of it you can well plan and back the things essential for your toddler to manage that climate.

3.Create a checklist

When you are packing for the trip , the very first thing we need to do is to have a clear checklist for what to carry with us. So spend some time on this and check it twice.

4.Have some surprises

Kids always love surprises, so you have to bring some surprise gifts for your toddler. And use those gifts to motivate them to behave properly.

5.Have a List of games

Even a well-planned trip may go wrong somewhere, you might witness a delayed flight or a long travel anything that goes out of your plan. So prepare some interesting family games. That might help you to keep your toddlers engaged.

6.Download some kids’ games or apps

Before you board, download some kids’ games or kid-friendly apps to your smartphone or tablet (make sure to switch it to Airplane mode for the flight). Some good ones include Bubbles (where you simply have to pop bubbles with your finger, an endlessly fascinating pastime for toddlers), Toddler Cars (animations of all sorts of vehicles, complete with noises – make sure to bring headphones).

7.Bring longer lasting foods

Offer foods that take longer to eat which will occupy your child for longer. A box of raisins is great because it contains natural sugars, while strawberries, grapes, and cherry tomatoes are similarly healthy and fun to eat (although potentially messier than raisins). Sweets can be a great bribe (and I am all for bribes), but be warned: trying to contain a child in their seat once they have eaten an excessive amount of sugar can present a challenge.

8.Invest in a child locator

In my experience, toddlers aren’t fans of reins, backpacks with a leash, or any infringement on their freedom. Keep tabs on them at airports, train stations and crowded attractions with a child locator. The child wears a small unit (strapped to a belt or shoe) and you keep the transmitter. If you lose your child set off the alarm and follow the sound to find them.



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