Tie A Wool String Around Your Wrist To Decrease Joint Pain And Boost Blood Circulation

A lot of grandmothers tie a wool string around their children’s wrists as they believe that it can save them from any kind of hex. Many people do not believe in that, however, there have been others which had positive experience with this. In reality this is only traditional medicine, and there are acclamations that tying up a wool string will help in joint pain. Doctors do not comment on this method, but recognize its existence as the wool string affects blood circulation as any inflammation starts with slower bloodstream. Moreover, it serves as a source for a lower static electricity.

How it functions?

Wool is the most hygienic, healthy and thermos-regular material and its structure enable the skin to breathe. Moreover, it has curing properties. The natural whisk of the wool provide a calming effect on the skin. It has a thick mass of yellow or yellow-brownish color named lanolin with a specific smell and contains 12% of the wool’s weight. This substance is being separated so that it can be used to make cosmetic products. If you use wool materials for your bedding which has lanolin, it will easily go through the skin affecting the muscles, joints, back, and decreasing pain and improving blood circulation.

There is a belief that with a wool string people can cure warts. It can be done on the following way:

If the wart is located on your finger, then the wrist should be tied with a string, and if it is on your leg, then it should be tied on the joint of the leg and should stay there for 2 weeks. Afterwards, it should be torn out and dug into the ground. When the string rots away, which will happen in 1 month, then the wart will disappear.


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