This Ingredient Will Whiten Your Teeth And Detoxify Your Body

The activated charcoal is known to effectively fight flatulence, diarrhea, bad breath, bloating and some form of intoxication. Maybe you didn’t know, but activated charcoal is very effective in whitening the teeth.

How the charcoal can help whiten your teeth?

The charcoal powder has bleaching and cleansing properties and can be used as toothpaste.
Also can be very effective against plague, bacteria and stains in the mouth.
This toothpaste made from charcoal powder you can use it once a day. Due to its antibacterial properties, it will also eliminate bad breath.
If you notice that your teeth become sensitive, reduce the use at once or twice a week.

How the mechanism of activated carbon works?

Beside cleansing the teeth and giving them white, natural color, the activated carbon also cleanses your body. It is an effective detoxifier against light heavy metals poisoning or drug overdose.
It calms diarrhea, constipation, gastroenteritis and regulate intestinal transit.
Dr. Al Sears recommends up to 50 grams of coal per day, divided into two or three doses of 20 grams.
This treatment is for 12 days, says Dr. Sears.
When is absorbed, charcoal causes a phenomenon called adsorption. It attracts all the toxins and passes through the intestine, because the body does not absorb the coal.
Dr. Sears’s advice is to take coal before meals so it can immediately detect toxins, clean it and prevent it from digestive disorders.
But, we must mention that, inactive and fixed charcoal has an impact over birth control pills.
Also, pregnant women, children or the elderly, should use the charcoal in shorter periods.
Always advise with a specialist before consumption.



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