This Amazing Juice Melts Belly Fat

Make sure you try this beverage that many people claim is doing an amazing job at burning belly fat. Many women have problem with belly fat – no matter what they do it just refuses to go away.

Since there are more and more chemical substances for weight loss on the market, many people turn to nature and seek the best combination for their body.

Nutritionists claim that the first step to weight loss is restoring the natural balance of the body. Based on their statements, the body will return to normal weight only if it is healthy and well balanced, and this can only be achieved with the consumption of fruits, vegetables and herbs.

One of the drinks experts recommend is made with bananas.

Bananas are rich in potassium, anti-oxidants, natural sugar and fiber, and all these components serve to refresh your body and regulate blood sugar levels. Bananas also improve food digestion so that way they help your body absorb nutrients more efficiently.

Besides bananas, this juice is made from ginger as well, which has a major role in maintaining your health – it improves the metabolism and lowers the appetite.

Even though results from consuming this juice vary from person to person, many people have lost 1-2 kg in just a matter of days. It is not certain whether this is due to losing extra water or fat from the body, but it is worth a try.


-ripe bananas

-1 tbsp grated ginger

-1 cup frozen blackberries

-2 tbsp flaxseed

-some ice


Put all the ingredients in a blender and you will create a healthy meal which can be your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Cheers!


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