The power of breathing

Breath, the first thing you acquire and the last thing we left on this planet.  In the days of our life between these two, we take about a billion breath, but the power of our breathing is still not aware to many out there. In yogic science , they believe our thoughts, emotions, and physiology are influenced by our breathing pattern. When we take a control of our breath , it directly controls our body and mind. Stress is becoming more of a routine in our daily life. How to overcome stress is the one among the most googled phrases. There is another simple technique or a tool to overcome stress is Pranayama.

Pranayama is one of the oldest techniques in yoga to control and create an awareness of our breath. Prana means the life force. Our breath is our  life source. Oxygen in the blood is responsible for many major functions of the brain and the functioning of other organs. The pranayama technique increases the flow of oxygen in the blood, in turn, increases the vital functioning of the body.

Pranayama is very simple to do, these are the steps,

  • Select a perfect place to relax,
  • Sit comfortably in crossed leg position.
  • Concentrate deeply on your breath,
  • Hold your right thumb on your right nostril closing it completely, inhale through the left nostril,
  • At the peak, close the left nostril with the left thumb and exhale through the right nostril,
  • Continue it for 5-7 minutes.

Pranayama – Stress managing tool

We are aware at times that we are in stress, but we really did not aware of what stress can do to our body and mind. When you are in a stress mode , your nervous system triggers a high energy burst out reaction. Your breath becomes rapid, you start spending most of your energy in fast breathing and also increases the blood pressure and pulse rate.

Pranayama acts as an immediate rescuer from stress, This deep breathing exercise helps us to overcome stress and also reversing the physical stress response in the body.

Pranayama- The Exit door for negative thoughts

Everyone  today seems to stack a lot of negative thoughts  within us. Our negative thoughts  are the hidden barriers for a  peaceful  mind. Pranayama acts a way which clears the impacts of negative thoughts.

A way to well-being

Well being is not alone represented by a healthy body, but also a healthy mind. Practicing pranayama  daily helps you lead a life you can surely say it as a well-being. Many chronic diseases are found to overcome by practicing it regularly.


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