The Amazing Properties Of Walnut – It Purifies Blood, Boosts Muscles And Vision.

Walnut is frequently used for making cakes, for sprinkling over salads, and for preparing different balms. Not too many people know the properties of its husk. It helps in many diseases, and the most effective are when picked at the beginning of May. It is known as blood purifier, and is also excellent for curing lung diseases, muscle and vision boosting, and intestinal catarrh. It can be used for treating infections and eczema, skin diseases, and eye inflammation. In the form of oil, it is good for your hair and burns. The kerne has 65% of oil, and is high in carbohydrates, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B and C, and iron. It has detoxification, laxative, antidiabetic, and secretolitic properties.

Young leaves teas is amazing in clearing the organism and improving overall health, as well as digestive issues, bone pain, gum bleeding, rashes, excessive sweating and secretion in women. It is mainly picked up in June and July and is best for use fresh, until they are still green. If they are left for drying, some properties may be lost.

Walnut oil against pain

Mix 1 liter of unrefined olive oil with 10 tbsp. of walnut leaves. Let it stay for 1 month in a warm place, shaking well each day. After 1 month, you can use it for massaging the painful areas.

In the combination with honey it is great for exhaustion and anemia. Take 500 gr of meadow honey with 500gr of grinded walnuts as well as 1 lemon. Take 1 tsp of the medicine every 3-4 hours, until you notice improvements.


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