Test: Find Out If Your Body Is Too Acidic

Body acidity can be a cause of many health conditions. In the modern world, most of the population suffers from excess acidity of the body due to wrong diet and negative mental state.
If you want to find out if your body is too acidic, answer the questions in the following test and see if you recognize some of the symptoms.

-I feel lack of energy, constant fatigue, loss of physical and mental strength, my limbs feel heavy, I am not able to cope with everyday problems
-I have lost weight; I feel cold most of the time
-I am prone to infections
-The corners of my mouth are cracked
-I have wounds on my lips
-I am losing my teeth
-I feel depressed
-My teeth are sensitive to temperature
-My saliva is sour
-My teeth are prone to cracking
-I have excess stomach acid
-My hair is falling and I have split ends
-My skin is dry
-I feel nervousness, agitation without cause, I am hyperactive, sensitive to sound, I easily succumb to stress
-I have headaches very often
-My face is very pale
-I have conjunctivitis frequently or occasionally
-I have inflammation of the cornea or the eyelids
-I suffer from frequent infections of the throat and tonsils
-I suffer from heartburn
-I suffer from gastritis
-I have a stomach/duodenal ulcer
-My nails break easily and are very thin
-My skin is sensitive in the places with higher concentration of sweat
-I have frequent hives
-I have leg cramps



If you answered “yes” to 15 or more questions, it is very likely that your body is too acidic.
What to do?

-Nicotine, coffee, tea, and alcohol consumption
-Protein, grain and sugar consumption
-Consumption of ready meals
-The length of the time you spend sitting

-Consumption of raw food (for example eat salad with every meal)
-Consumption of fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts, especially almonds
-Physical activity

Change your focus:
-Become aware of the time you spend worrying, being afraid, angry, negative…
-As soon as you notice feeling that way, direct your thoughts to something positive, encouraging, inspiring.


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