Stay Calm whatever comes!! Tips to get a flexible mind

In this busy world, every environment expects us to work like multiprocessor machine. We have to handle more than one situations , something’s may work in coordinate something’s may not. Everywhere we go we can see people who deal with chaos, frustrations and handle tough situations just like that. But most people are not able to handle a chaos situation in a proper way without reacting to the surrounding. The main thing which makes those handle it easily is their flexible mind.

The flexible mind leads to more peace. You are not stacking in your ways and can adapt to change. It makes you think about others perspective of the situation also. So if you are rigid to the situation, the environment pushes the situation towards you strongly and at some point of time you get frustrated and react badly or it starts hurting yourself.

Here we will see some tips to make you a flexible person within yourself and the environment.

Watch the change

You cannot predict all situations, when and what is going to happen it totally unpredictable. So if you are in a different situation try to observe the surroundings. What it is going on , learn that. Either it may be a new job, or some entirely new process to you, try to learn from that.

See the tightness

If you notice  yourself getting frustrated, hardening up, feeling a tightness. Then it is time to carefully watch the tightness in you and start releasing it slowly. You can think the situation as a chance to prove you, or a check to know where you are.

Don’t Act

The most harm comes from the action we do out of the frustration. Actions like shouting, or shutting down yourself. So when you feel the tightness try not to hurt anyone or any other harmful actions.

Stay with the feeling

Whenever you feel a tightness towards a situation, turn towards the feeling , observe it. Tell yourself something that is arising out of the situation is not you, it is like passing clouds and not a big deal.

Relax and loosen your grip

The frustration in a situation comes from wanting something or someone to a certain way you like. Instead, loosen your grip on whatever it is. You can tell yourself to move on the flow of the situation.

Adapting is easy

Now everything is under your control and you can easily cope up with your new environment. Stay calm and relaxed to any situation.




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