Start Your Day With It and Shine! It Erases Your Wrinkles, Kilograms and Cellulite!

This is a simple recipe for a refreshing and tasty beverage ideal as a snack, breakfast or dinner and it’s made from ingredients which are proven to have good effects for a more beautiful complexion, regulate the body weight and decrease the cellulite.


The ingredients for this beverage are the following:

  • Yoghurt – works perfectly on the fats in your body and regulates your digestion, contains good bacteria which help your digestive tract;
  • Blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and red currant – very powerful antioxidants full of vitamin C, which stimulate the production of collagen, nourish your skin and preserve your immunity;
  • Ginger – increases your circulation, tightens and rejuvenates your skin, alleviates cramps, removes muscle pain;
  • Banana – contains great amounts of potassium which regulates the retention of water in your organism and increases the effect of cellulite on the skin surface.



Pour cold yoghurt (about 2 dl) in a blender and add a couple of ice cubes if you wish to refresh the beverage additionally.

Add your combination of fruits (for example: a fist full of berries and a banana), then mix it all well and serve it in a glass.

Because of its very strong flavor, you shouldn’t exaggerate with ginger and try to cut out a piece as big as the size of your thumb nail.

You can also add a fresh mint leaf into your beverage or a little bit of cinnamon and honey. Almonds are also an excellent choice.

Prepare a combination by your own taste and always keep in mind that you should drink this beverage immediately after you’ve prepared it.



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