Revitalize the Body and the Immune system in Just 3 days

Fasting diets have always been controversial and that’s why the reasons why people choose to fast in the first place. While some are doing it purely for religious reasons, others do it to lose weight in a short time.

One thing is certain, most nutritionists do not approve of this type of diet. However, one recent study, which is published extensively in the media the past few weeks has proved that only three days of fasting can restore your immune system, which will then work even better because it stimulates stem cells to produce white blood cells.

As you probably already know the white blood cells are essential for the proper functioning of the immune system, given that fight infection and disease wherever they occur. The study found that those with weakened immune systems can benefit from fasting because it will rejuvenate natural defense mechanism for a few days. This study shows that even older people can benefit from three days of fasting when properly implemented.

Extensive research was conducted by renowned experts from the University of Southern California, and it shows that post especially helpful for those who already have damaged immune systems, such as those suffering from cancer and who undergo regular chemotherapy treatments. It is also a known fact that the efficiency of our immune system declines with age, as we get older, it is also our immune system weaker. Post 72 hours seems to be our immune system efficiently and naturally renew, producing more effective new white blood cells.

How does the extended post?

The same survey showed that prolonged starvation has a double effect unless you know the increased activity of stem cells and the production of a completely new white blood cells, which improves regeneration, also protects the immune system from further damage caused by chemotherapy, age or any other factor. Simply post encourages a kind of natural self-recovery, which allows the immune system to work at full capacity.

The mechanism of action is simple, which makes sense because the post restores the entire immune system of starvation because both natural defense mechanism of your body switches to the power-saving mode. Then begins recycling old immune system cells whose functions are necessary for various reasons, and then begin replacing them with new ones. When this happens most of the stock of your white blood cells is removed along with the fat and glucose, which contributes to weight loss.

In addition to improving the overall immune system of three days of fasting we provide other benefits – for example, can inhibit the secretion of the enzyme which is responsible for aging, but also can reduce the risk of tumor growth and the development of some cancers.

The study, which dealt with the effect of fasting on the immune system and general health of the body revealed that may have some effect against toxicity. It included a small group of patients who fasted three days before chemotherapy, and the results were very encouraging. This is one of the greatest benefits of fasting, in addition to slowing production PKA enzyme.

As the study revealed post three days literally can force your body to create new immune system practically from scratch, simply relying on the natural glucose and fat in your body and in the breaking of most white blood cells. The study lasted for at least six months, during which the volunteers had to fast for certain periods of three and up to four days. While research has not been published scientists could not hint advantage of the effects of post causes in our body.

Wrapping it all up, those who adhere to a post (either for religious reasons or because of weight loss) have solid evidence for health. Simply put, prolonged fasting can be very useful for those who suffer from various types of cancer and who underwent advanced programs of chemotherapy. For chemotherapy is known that ravaged immune system of the body and increases the level of toxicity, but fortunately, we can alleviate some of the bad effects on our body and reduce the level of toxicity.

Post not only helps in the treatment of cancer, but we can help prevent the suppression of cancer. A strong immune system is very important for a healthy life because it is a natural defense mechanism of your body, the first line of defense against infections and diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. Post of not more than three days can have the same effect on your body as a booster pills that we can buy in the market, in respect of which the only difference is that the effect of natural and stimulating regeneration bodies without assistance.

Breakfast: 1. muesli (add almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts optionally, dried figs, prunes, apricots) pour tea or milk to soy milk or rice milk

  1. slice of whole grain bread spread with tuna or sardines (best is that prepare your own)

Snack: 1. fruit of apples, oranges, almonds and a few grains of one fig, prunes, apricots

Lunch: 1. various soup vegetables with mushrooms, potatoes

2nd vegetable integrin rice and mushrooms or bean salad or pickled

Third sea fish with potato salad or swiss chard and potatoes


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