The proper function of the lymphatic system will help you avoid so much sickness, low energy, fogginess, and potentially diseases. It is used to remove all the waste from our body, so everything which is not recognized as food, or anything foreign like toxic chemicals and acids will go through it in order to be removed. However, if it becomes overloaded, then we will have some issues. For that reason you will have any foods/drinks with artificial colors, sweeteners, oils, and processed foods, and instead focusing on whole foods such as fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber and enzymes. That way you will be able to clean your body as the fiber will sweep through the intestines and help flush toxins out. Moreover, chemicals we use on daily basis like shampoos, deodorants, perfumes and other items enter the bloodstream from the skin and due to many of them being carcinogenic, you may consider avoid using them.

Maximize lymphatic flow – drink lots of water

We would recommend 1 liter of water per 22 kg of body weight daily. While if you live in a hot climate or exercise, then the amounts should be even higher. You can add a pinch of Himalayan or Celtic sea salt which will help you in many ways. Also, a squeeze of lemon, lime or orange can be beneficial for improving the lymphatic flow.

The best friend of your lymphatic system is exercise and sweating

It helps the lymph move around and the best exercises are walking, jumping, running, biking, martial arts, and sports. Through sweating toxins come out of your body, meaning less waste to be carries around in the lymphatic system. We would recommend you walk 30-45 minutes daily. You’ll start noticing a great difference to your health and strength within 2-3 weeks.

A good 15 minutes of sweating will also help and it can be done in a steam room or infra-red sauna. Eucalyptus oil may be used to improve the condition of your lungs and doing breathing exercises while sitting there sweating it out.

Deep breathing is like a heartbeat for the lymph

When taking a deep breath, your diaphragm expands, pushing the lymphatic fluid through the body. This also pumps the lymph and gets it circulating, making it like a heart for the lymphatic system. In this way you will expel lots of acid and oxygenate of your body. You can find many exercises on the internet for practicing.

Clean your colon from the waste

Most of the accumulated waste in the lymph is excess toxins from a backed up colon. We have a 4 day intensive Colon Cleanse which will help you with this and it is actually a formula based on an ancient recipe without using any herbs which force peristalsis. It acts like a scrubbing brush for your insider, pulling out all the toxins at the same time. Repeat this treatment for 3 successive months and the issue with constipation will disappear.

Tight clothes affect your health

If you wear constrictive clothing then you can pinch the lymphatic system. One such example is the bra. It may contribute to developing breast cancer or having a lymphatic problems. If the lymphatic system is pinched, then the waste will accumulate, leading to health issues. Everything from pants, belts, bras, shoes, and even gloves if being too tight and worn daily, you may experience problems.

Detox your skin

Follow this treatment to detox your skin. It will take the workload off your organs and keep you healthy and beautiful.

Draino for your lymph

It is very significant to clean your lymph system very fast as it will give the body time to eliminate a lot of stored toxins and accumulations of plaque. This needs to be supported with breathing exercises, enemas, sunshine, sweating, lots of natural juices and water, looking like putting Driano into your lymphatic system. We would recommend you drinking 3 liters of juice 7-21 days in a row, as well as 3-4 liters of water depending on the severity of your lymphatic system.

Lymphatic massage and bodywork

You can drain the lymph physically through a massage with essential oils. It will also help if you make sure your body is aligned. You may also go for acupressure in order to make sure the energy systems of the body are flowing well.


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