Pomegranate – A single solution for all Your Stomach related Problems


The word pomegranateis old French for “seeded apple,” a fitting name for this apple-size fruit filled with jewel-like clusters of red seeds. Pomegranates have a leathery, deep red to purplish rind. The interior is bursting with hundreds of tiny, edible seeds packed into compartments called arils and separated by bitter, cream-colored membranes. The fruit can be eaten by deeply scoring it vertically and then breaking it apart. The clusters of juice sacs are then lifted out and eaten.

Pomegranates are a good source of potassium. One fruit contains about 400mg, more than in most oranges. They also contain vitamin C and fiber. Pomegranates and their juice are rich in anthocyanins and ellagic acid, both of which have antioxidant properties.

Health Benefits:

Stomach Disorders

Pomegranate peel, bark and leaves are used to calm disorders of the stomach or the diarrhea caused by any kind of digestive problems. Drinking tea made from the leaves of this fruit also helps in curing your digestive problems. Pomegranate juice is also used for handling problems like dysentery and cholera.

Helps treat prostate cancer

Researchers at UCLA measured patients’ prostatespecific antigen (PSA) blood levels, which help indicate the presence of cancer. They found that drinking 8 oz (237 mL) of pomegranate juice daily significantly slowed rising PSA levels in patients previously treated for the disease.

Lowers cholesterol levels

Research has shown that pomegranate juice has two to three times the antioxidant capacity of equal amounts of red wine or green tea, and anthocyanins make an important contribution to the pomegranate’s antioxidant power. A recent study suggests that drinking as little as one-quarter cup of pomegranate juice daily may improve cardiovascular health by significantly reducing oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

Lowers blood pressure

Because of the rich antioxidant levels pomegranate juice provides, researchers have also found it can play a role in reducing hypertension.Improves erectile dysfunction.A study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research found that drinking about 8oz of 100% pomegranate juice each day can help with erectile dysfunc-tion and impotence. At the end of the study, 47% of the participants reported that their erections improved with the use of pomegranate juice.



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