Perfect legs without capillaries and swelling

Beauty and health of the legs are connected. To be light, flexible and slim for a long time, you need to stick to some simple advices starting with:


Everyday for at least an hour. That way you will stop vein insufficiency.


During walking and climbing stairs the muscle contractions work as a type of massage which makes the coming back of the blood to the heart easier. With feet activity the blood that is collected in the tiny blood cells is pushes upwards. Advice: when travelling with car make breaks more often and move, and in place walk for 2-3minutes every hour.

One more advice!

Don’t stay too long in one position. If you need to stand for a long time, every half hour lift yourself on your feet and stay like that for couple of minutes. If you are sitting, find a stool for the legs and three time a day lift your legs on it and keep them for 15 minutes.

             2.Avoid extreme temperatures

Sun doesn’t harm, but too much heat (meaning on water) is not good.


The sun heat, laying on the hot sand, visiting sauna or turkish baths or simply sitting or standing near a source of heat has vasodilation effect, it expands blood cells. This is especially dangerous for sick and weak cells because it weakens the harmed capillaries. So avoid tanning in the hottest part of the day and put cold water on your feet more often.

One more advice!

Ideal shower gel for igniting circulation is water on 35-36 degrees C. in which was previously put gel salt or cooking sea salt.

             3.Massage is a true elixir

This is passive gymnastics for blood cells and ideal for circulation


For the professional massages to prevent illnesses of the blood cells and decreasing the old symptoms the most useful is lymphoma drainage because it improves blood circulation. But you can make massage yourselves: every night gently massage you legs starting from your feet to ankles and upwards, softly putting plant based creme. The massage should last for 15 minutes

One more advise!

Use everyday showering for a little hydromassage: point the water towards your legs and slowly move it towards the feet and thighs changing between hot and cold water. The massage should last several minutes.

            4.Physical activity

Don’t do sports that require making fast moves like tennis, aerobic or volleyball.


Swimming is the ideal sport: the body position and water pressure stop the effect of gravity and easies the coming back of the blood. That’s why, cold water makes the blood cell stronger. Gymnastics in water is good for circulation and its much more easier than gymnastics on ground, which is also beneficial. Cycling or running is also useful because it makes the muscles stronger.

One more advice:

After you wake up, boost circulation with 10 minute exercise: lay on you back and put your hand under your butt and pull your legs upwards, make scissors, circle with your legs like riding a bike. Every exercise should be repeated 20 times.

            5.Watch your clothes

Avoid pant and skirts that are tight at the waist and socks and underwear that is tight on the crouch and leaves marks on the skin.


Tight clothes makes the vein come back harder, and this is not only for the pants but underwear and boots that pushes the calves. Not only they make circulation harder, they make the normal muscle contraction impossible. Avoid wearing high heels all day, but not total flats: the foot must keep its curve because that’s the only way it will push the blood upwards. Perfect height is 3-4 cm.

One more advice!

Special socks for firming the veins decrease the high pressure in the blood cells and speeds up the blood moving. For prevention, the best are the socks with lower pressure and different on the ankles, knees and thighs.



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