People in this valley are unaware of the disease and live 120 years

On the border of India and Pakistan is the Hunza Valley, also known as the ‘oasis of youth’. The people of this valley live up to 110-120 years. I never get sick, and they look a lot younger.

There is a legend that this small country in the mountain by a group of soldiers led by Alexander the Great during the march on India. Then there was a strict discipline in which the residents had to sleep and eat with swords and shields, and even to play with them.

Hunza lives at the famous ‘cuttings mountain’, the crossroads of the three biggest world, mountain ranges the Himalayas, Karakoram and Hindu Kush. In the vicinity of the world’s top five peaks, that are over 8,000 meters. These people are generally not known for political reasons. In fact, in this area is for 60 years the water dispute between India and Pakistan.

They bathe in the icy water, even at -15 ° C and play no matter what they have for 100 years. Forty women look like women, but with 65 years to have children. Over the year to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and the winter dried apricots, sprouted grains and sheep cheese.

Hunza have a special name for the period when the fruit is not yet ripe, “hungry spring”, this period lasts 2-4 months and during them, they almost nothing to eat, only once a day drink a beverage from dried apricots. This type of fasting is a great respect for them.

Scottish doctor Mack Harrison is one of the first to describe this ‘happy valley’, also mentioning that they entered proteins at levels below normal.

The doctor, who is 14 years stayed close to the Hunza valley, concluded that the diet most important factor longevity of these people, this is not a surprise to neighbors Hunza who live in exactly the same climatic conditions are twice shorter life and are more susceptible to various diseases.

Dr.Bircher in his book “Hunza – people who do not know about the disease,” found that the diet is crucial for the longevity of these people. They eat a lot of raw foods and natural products, primarily fruits and vegetables. So, alcohol and sweets practically did not use, but once a year and have a period of fasting.

Locals say that a vegetarian diet, constant physical activity, movement and coordinated rhythm of life that they provide a long life of 120-150 years.

Hunza has a high work capacity. For them to walk 100-200 kilometers same thing for us to walk around the house. Easy to climb steep mountains and always arrive home fresh, happy and cheerful.

I keep laughing, always in a good mood, even if they are hungry or cold. Do not get mad even complain and never fight each other not, said literature on this very interesting tribe.


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