Nurturing a Happy Relationship

Every story starts with a happily ever after dream. Nowadays most of us before marriage spend time only on working out for some veiled career. Yes I agree our career is important but what about the other part , our home, our relationships. Are we taught of the importance we get or we give for a relationships.

You may be a person of modern thoughts, society around may look like presuming what you think. But when it comes to a relationship its always entirely a diff planet. We have already come across friends ending their recent relationships for a reason that’s not at all considered as reasons for us.

During our teens relationships seems to be the purpose of life ,may be it is friendship or love it blossoms like a flower whenever we think or speak about tat. But it starts fading in the course of our career hunt, by that time we will definitely crossed some candy coated proposals and most painful break ups. In the current scenario it is ok to have relationships or breakups before your marriage, but the happily ever after dream arouses only at the gate of your marriage hall.

Today you will have all freedom to choose the perfect partner to have a endless relationship with them. But after entering in to it we forget to nurture them, in most cases they take it for granted that’s still here are some interesting facts about nurturing a relation that we often forget to notice on the go.


Now I want to remind you the old concept of communication, ie it starts from one end and the other end should obviously receive that. For instance , imagine you are nurturing a plant. You should open your eyes to it daily because by this way alone that little embryo communicates with you. So in your relation, your soul mate is a human being, so he/she will be able to communicate through all our senses.

First, make yourself aware of accepting their communication process. Try to listen to them completely, maybe you cannot understand everything they feel but at some point, you can imagine their world. I strongly believe that listening makes both your world merge at some day. Now you can have a doubt on what to say and what not to say . I will not support both the statements entirely because where there is a chance for dust its better to use a filter.

Speaking up your grounds is as important as listening . Try not to use any amplifiers in between your communication, take as it as they are saying.

Personal Space:

When you are trying to nurture a  relationship you need to give them their private space. Yes, I agree you are soul mates but there are two different beings. The environment you created for him/her will not always be the best for him/her.

You must try to accept his/her environment is the best choice for them. There is no use of growing a seed in your pocket in order to prove the seed is yours. The same in your relation sometimes you suffocate them instead of nurturing. So try to help them to create and beautify their own personal space.


Many of my friends are married but a single parent. This one statement in our society can strongly thrash the responsibility factor on a relation. I don’t want to blame on men or women for this but the fact is your home is as important as your work life. If the responsibility you take in your work gives you money, here you get your peacefulness . If not it’s just a house with some people ready to board and lodge you.

Another important thing is that you pave a way to your partner to exercise  his/her duty. Beware before the responsibility becomes a burden for your partner.


We have heard something a lot and lot of times in our Indian cinema and now its my turn to say to you,

” Trust Is the base of love”

Trust is the most exuberant expression of love in a relation.

And finally, you must believe certain things to nurture your relation.

  • The ideal person is the one in front of you.
  • You must wake tomorrow only to fall in love with him/her another time
  • Don’t be shy or hesitate to hold his/her hands on your 60th birthday.



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