Nurturing a happy Relationship Even after your Kids

Everyone dreams of having a “Happily Ever after” relationship when entering in to their marriage life. Kids are the little bundle of joy that was around you, and makes your home feel like a heaven. But what happens to the relationship of parents when kids enter their life. Most of us feel apart from heart after the commitments physically and financially that caused by kids entry. That too in women they have their body and hormones goggle within themselves, so they really cannot guess for some time what’s going on. In that case both the partners will lose their grip in relationships, this small crack will lead to a big gap between them mentally.

Here we shall discuss some tips for maintaining the relationships even after kids,

Accept it is Hard

Life before kids and after kids are not the same, as we all know this. But how many of us ready to accept the fact. Before kids you can start your day without any plans, but not when you are with kids. You must plan even your daily chores. When you are not cared of your income or your monthly expenses , now kids can make you think twice before spending for an unwanted thing. So it is hard from both the sides, you should be mentally prepared to accept the path kids going to show is harder than before.

Sit in the Night for a Talk

You may be totally tired after a hectic day’s work, it may be your office or home. You should find some time to sit to plan for the next day, at least once in a week. You can have the practice of sitting for some time in the night after your kids went to sleep. You should plan for the day, clear list of activities both the parents must do. In raising a child both the parents should make equal contribution. Sharing the daily activities can make your partner feel loved and contented towards a relation.

I have watched many women who are married but a single parent in raising the kid, they dont get enough of cooperation from their partners.

Time to connect

Whatever busy you may be, whatever your profession expects from you to a par of excellence. You must find some time to grow as a family with your growing kids. You should find time to spend with your partner, get away with a outing. Both should spend some time with each other, with nature, take time to create a awarness of what your life leads you.

Pacify Your Partner

In this kind of a situation, it is not enough to pacify your kid alone. You will do whatever you can to pacify your crying baby, the same thing happens with your partner. They are in need of something to be noted or really tired of something. so you should look at their needs and parent them also.

Understand your partners Love Language

Each and every one of us are different in accepting their way of love. Everyone have a different love language, like some needs a physical touch, some needs quality time, or gifts, or sharing their commitments, etc. So try to understand your partners love language. Speak with them in their language s that they can understands it well and you can keep your relationship alive of many many years.


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