New moms ‘Must haves’ list – Tips to have a stress free motherhood


Becoming a mother for the first time is a very thrilling experience and also its overwhelming. You are exactly not aware of what to do, but you try out to come with the best that your baby can get. There are a few items/ products you must have to reduce the clumsy and stressed feeling when you are at your early stages of motherhood.

The market is flooded with a lot of stuff but you must know which one is your real need. For example there are many things that are not even bothered by newborns are bought by many parents without knowledge.

On that list the first one will be,

A baby Stroller

All strollers are not created equal. Some have ultra-smooth handling but are large when folded. Some are fabulously compact but sheer drudgery to push. Go to the store and test several to see how they work for you. And be sure to try folding them — both to see if the stroller will fit in your car and to see if it’s easy enough to put away.

Nipple cream

Breast feeding at the very first weeks of your baby will surely not be a cake walk, it hurts a lot than you imagine. Your nipples get sore, cracked and chapped. You need a good nipple cream that soothes the pain. You really will realize the importance of the nipple cream once you start your feeding.

Breast Pump

A breast pump will be very useful when you are a working mom. You can extract the milk while you are at work and store it. And also when you are at a public place for a trip or something you can make extract milk while in the car and keep to give to your baby later.

Burp Towels

These handy essentials are good for catching and wiping up spit up, drool, or for tucking under your baby’s chin to catch milk dribbles.  You should have them in plenty of numbers since you need it lot than other clothes, you often need to change that.

Diaper changing Basket

This might not be a product to buy directly, this is a kind of a tip for your organization. You can have a basket where you can put in some diapers, wet wipes, a rash cream, a disposable cover and a pair of dress. Whenever you are changing diaper for your baby, you need not run here and there to collect these items. Keeping it in one basket makes you stress free and organized.


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