Muscle Loss and Weakness Can Be Stopped With this 2 Delicious Foods, Here’s How

As our bodies age our muscles become prone to loss. This is a natural process, but can cause some serious injuries like their breaking in the crash. From the moment of birth until 30 years old the muscles grow and become stronger, but after 30, a person starts to lose 3-5% of the muscle mass every 10 years. Thus, after 75 years atrophy is generally accelerated. This causes loss of strength, agility and endurance which prevent people engaging in activities even walking. Research has shown that this issue can be prevented through consuming two very delicious and good-for-your-health foods. Such foods are apples and green tomatoes. Eating them on regular basis, you can maintain strong and healthy muscles in the long run regardless of the age.

How the combination of ursolic and tomatidine acts?

A research form the University of Iowa discovered that these 2 compounds have an inhibiting effect on ATF4 which is responsible for genetic loss and muscle aging. In an experiment with mice, researchers found that after 2 months of ursolic (found in apple peel) and tomatidine (found in green tomatoes) use in the diet, mice showed a significant increase in the muscle mass and their strength. The mass increased by 10%, while their power by 30%.

Apples and green tomatoes are delicious and healthy, thus consume them on regular basis, but when purchasing pay attention to pick organic ones, as apples are often sprayed.


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