Lose weight with yoga exercises

lose weight

Do yoga exercises have any impact on your weight? Yoga as a mind-body exercise has undoubtedly a range of benefits from boosting your flexibility, improving your posture and bones, increasing your blood flow, regulating your adrenalin glands to helping you focus significantly better and feel happier.  But does yoga help you to lose weight?

Is yoga effective in weight loss

Studies show that by just doing yoga the probability to significantly lose weight is low. Yoga exercises will help you to boost your strength but they will not increase your heart rate enough to slam your pounds. You will need to adopt a healthy diet and do workout that will increase your heart rate. Some types of yoga that are stronger in intensity can indeed lift your heart rate such as power yoga, hot yoga and vinyasa. Some other types like yin yoga, hatha or restorative are more gentle and slower, impacting your heart rate much less. Regardless of the intensity of the yoga, you will need to add to your schedule running or circuit training in case your primary goal is to lose weight. However, yoga can be an important part of your weight loss journey.

How does yoga help to lose weight?

Even though it is not as effective as the hard-core training, yoga does help you in managing your weight.

This is how yoga helps you with weight lose

  • It manages your stress level. In this way you are not prone to stress eating and you do not need to feel powerless when it comes to food cravings.
  • It helps you to become more aware about your body and its needs. This especially relates to hunger.
  • It makes you more mindful and aware about the bad habits

Studies have also shown that those that practice yoga regularly for more than four years are less likely to gain weight. Some celebrities have been also practicing yoga and believe it brings weight loss benefits.

You can do yoga at home

Even though there are many studios offering different types of yoga classes, you can do yoga at home as well. There are many YouTube videos offering professional yoga classes. Transform your living room into a quiet, tranquil space, add some exotic scents, meditation cushion and potentially a singing bowl mediation timer and you will have a perfect home yoga studio. The yoga exercises will bring you both body and mind-related benefits, which are always an important part of with loss programs.


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