Lard Is Beneficial For The Heart, Cholesterol And Calcium Absorption!

In the last period, people have been avoiding lard due to its composition is being bad for the health. The latest researches have shown its benefits, considering it as healthy for the human body. Of course, you must not use it in excess, however, it should be a part of each household just like in the times of our grandparents. These are its benefits:

  • Lard contains 40% of saturated fats, while coconut oil 85%. Most of the monosaturated fats come from the oleic acid, a healthy fat acid which is beneficial for the proper work of our heart and is connected to lower levels of bad cholesterol.
  • There is 2 times more oleic acid in lard than in butter.
  • Lard has high point of boiling, i.e. it doesn’t change its structure when being heated on a temperature above 250o C, thus if you fry any foods in it, less harmful radicals will be absorbed which in the case of other dissolving products like butter, increase during frying. Excess consumption of fried food is not recommended, but when you practice that, do it with the good old lard.
  • The fats in the lard are needed for the body so that it functions properly, but in lesser amounts.
  • It is high in calories, however, it is a saturating ingredient which will provide you with fullness for a longer period of time, as it converts fat into energy that help in vitamin absorption. Lard contains cholesterol which in the body converts into vitamin D under the influence of UV rays that is very significant for calcium absorption.


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