Japanese Way of Healthy Living

When we think of Japanese, the first thing that comes to our mind was the Sumo wrestlers and Sushi. But there are other things we have to note is they are the healthiest people in the planet. It is proven that child born in Japan has longer life time than other children comparatively.  It is not only because of their genes, it is mainly because of the lifestyle, their culture bound towards the health.

The Power of Soup

Soups are the main dishes served most with every meal, a soup is a bowl of health which contains every nutrients of various ingredients in their original form. It is capable of giving all the nutrients we need for a day in single go. A soup is a rare compination of low fat and carb , but high in protein gives you a filling satisfation, especially when worry a lot about your heavy diet during the breakfast.

Seafood Takes the main place

Japanese have a great love towards sea food. According a survey, Japanese seafood consumption 55.7 kgs per capita in last year. Japan is among the top 6 countries in seafood consumption. They are mainly fish lovers, the main benefit of eating fish is it can lower the risk of heart disease. Omega 3 from fish is high than anyother staple you take. This omega 3 helps to increase the life time of a normal human being.

Eat till 80% full

There is a saying from Okinawa ” Hara hachi bu “, this implies that you have to be sure to stop eating while you are 80 % full. The main reason behind that is while eating your brain needs a time to make sure your stomach is full, so if you stop by 80 % it will the full capacity of your stomach. By this you can definitely the slump feel after a meal. It helps the Japanese to stay energized always.

Keep an Eye on the Portions

According to Japanese concept of healthy living, it is very important to keep an eye on the portions of food you eat. This is why they serve rice in small bowls, which helps them to maintain the quantity they eat. If you have rice in flat plat, we may not control the portions of rice , so it increases our carb intake for a day. So they always keeps an eye on the portions of food they take in order to balance the nutrients among them.

Rice vs Other Carbs

Mainly in Japanese way of eating they will take rice three times a day. The main difference between rice carbs and others from potato or bread is , rice can make us feel enough with a small portion. so we can stop our carving from a little serving of rice. But in case of potato or bread you may not feel filling that much. So it leads to over eating carbs some times.

Diet filled with Superfoods

Naturally the Japanese diet is filled with so many superfoods like seaweeds etc. And they are well known for the tastly preparing of these superfoods in a form where all the nutrients are placed in the natural form.


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