Increase your performance with these pre-workout meals

Want to use your full potential during your workout and finish it satisfied? Here are some advantages that your pre-workout meal can give you.

It’s not just the time that matters when it comes to positive results after you exercise. You can work out regularly, with full potential, but the most important thing that also matters is the meal you consume before you workout.

You have to create the perfect combination of carbohydrates, proteins, fat with all the essential nutrients for achieving the best performance on the workout that follows.

Every meal should be different, because every workout is different. Your training can vary in duration, intensity, sport etc. For example, fueling for a 3 hour bike ride won’t be the same as your pre-high intensity run. The higher the intensity – the lesser the food amount. The same goes for the amount of food. You should find your optimum and find what fits you best.

Check out these healthy and tasty meals that will “fuel” your muscle glycogen faster and more efficiently:

Combine  banana and  cinnamon on a wheat toast before work out.  

Bananas are an ideal source for both complex and simple carbohydrates, which is quite important for fast boost and sustained time-release energy supply. The same effect gives you the wheat toast, which combined with bananas will enhance your “engine”. Cinnamon is a healthy spice linked with blood sugar regulation with only 19 calories and 0.1% of fats.

Try Greek yogurt, dried fruit and nuts.

If you are preparing yourself for a cardio exercise today, drink some Greek yogurt first. Combined with dried fruits and seeds, it will provide you a meal consisting carbohydrates for an energy level increase, with the process of straining reduces some of the milk sugar and lactose, which makes the Greek yogurt suitable for those lactose – intolerant, while the nuts and dried fruits maintain the insulin level normal while exercising. You can make a smoothie and enjoy your meal!

Apple + Almond Butter

Previously we mentioned that the banana is an ideal fruit before work out, but it would be unfair not to consume apple with some almond butter, not just because of the proper nutrients it provides us with, but also for its tastefulness. With low sugar consistence and its vitamin, mineral and antioxidant richness, it presents the vitamin bomb needed for our body.

Try these low fat electrolyte combinations full of cabs and achieve peak performance! And last but not least, don’t forget to stay well hydrated!

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