If You Want To Walk Normal Again, Try These Natural Recipes!

Causing a bony protrusion on the underside of the heel bone. It is a reactive bone formation due to chronic mechanical overload which becomes irritated when walking and then causes pain. It occurs more often in older people, and in people who because of their profession spend a lot of time on their feet. It is characterized by severe pain in the middle of the heel, which does not allow any kind of pressure.

Painful symptoms occur after sleeping or sitting too long .Heel pain can be so unbearable that people often compare it with having nails in the heel. Here are several natural methods which can help:

  • Coating with honey and salt. Mix the honey and salt in the same proportion (1: 1) and apply on the painful spot. Put a piece of gauze on the mixture, fix it with plaster and wrap a nylon bag around the area. Put on socks and sleep with them. After the third treatment the pain should be reduced and after the fifth you will be able to walk again. After 9-10 days the pain should be gone forever.
  • 10 aspirins (200 mg) are crushed to powder and mixed with 250 ml of brandy (70% rubbing alcohol) Wait for 1-2 days. Every evening shake the mixture and put it on a piece of folded gauze. Put the gauze on the heel, wrap a nylon bag around it and then put on socks. Leave overnight. In the morning, wash the heel with water, wipe and apply heel cream. After 10 treatments, the foot and toes will be cleaned of rough skin and deposits. By the way, you may clean the foot with a brush or pumice stone, and then apply the cream.
  • For severe pain make a potato coating. Wash the potatoes and grate them unpeeled. Put the mixture on gauze and fix it on the painful area. Wrap a nylon bag around and put on socks. Change the coating every day. Apply the treatment for 9-10 days.


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