Easy and Simple ways how to strengthen your immunity

Cold days bring colds, sore throat and inflammation of the sinuses, and when immunity declines, viruses and bacteria attack. Fortunately vitamins are not the only way to defend the body against disease. Try these 3 tricks that guaranteed will raise the level of immunity.

Walk – Nobody wants to come out when the temperature is below zero, but the constant lying down in a closed, hot room is very dangerous to the health. Daily you are supposed to walk in the fresh air for at least 20-30 minutes, good to warm up and to arm yourselve with pleasant thoughts that will heat the soul.

Kiss – if your have a rainy nose, kiss, because kissing facilitates breathing, and the longer it lasts, the defensive power of the body becomes greater and body temperature increases. The love often warms you and you do not feel your hands and cheeks to freeze from the outside cold.

Listen to music – Start your day with your favorite tune that will give a strong dose of positive energy and in advance you will alleviate stressful day. Music soothes, improves memory and concentration.


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