How to make Homemade Penicillin – Survival Hack

Did you know that oranges and bread are able to produce penicillin by letting them sit around and age? The green mold that actually develops on the surface is Penicillium.

Now, it is time for a thought experiment. Imagine you live in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and in a dash, your partner has deeply slashed their leg. After couple of days the leg starts to develop infection. In real world, without the access of medical supplies infections can result in a serious medical concern, loss of limb or death. We have one easy and cheap way for you which will help you potentially safe your partner.

  • Take a bread and place it in a container or a bag;
  • Let it stay there until spores start to form;
  • Take the bread and break it up in small pieces;
  • Add some moisture and place the broken up pieces back in the same sealed bag or container;
  • Monitor the growth of the mold without removing it until the majority of it starts turning green.

There will be white, blue and green stages as the mold starts to grow. The green color actually contains those penicillin doses. At this point you can use it as treatment and there are few ways to go about this.

Option A: take the clumps, fill up a large cup and add warm water (not boiling). Mix the ingredients together and consume. If it is necessary you may repeat the treatment as daily doses of penicillin. It is important to know that when growing the mold you are probably growing other things which may not be helpful. Thus, when consuming it, you will get the bad staff, too. In this case, diarrhea and upset stomach are much less serious issues compared to the major infection. So, it is worth of it.

Option B: separate the green mold from the bread, clean the wound, take your ‘scrapings’ from the bread and apply them over the wound topically. Dress lightly and repeat the process regularly. You may apply honey as it is hard for bacteria to grow in such environment. There are still medical grade honey bandages used in modern emergency rooms nowadays. For home use, you can cover the whole area in honey and wrap the wound keeping the honey in place along with everything else.

There are other methods for preparing penicillin from bread and oranges. If you have more time and resources at hand you may make potentially pharmaceutical grade penicillin employing the same methods previously mentioned. This is a practical way to prevent infections in a place where there is no doctor or a pharmacy near.



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