Honey And Common Houseleek – A Mighty Combination For Many Health Conditions

IMPORTANT: each medicine does not act the same on different people, everything depends on their organism. Thus, feel free to share your experiences with this cure and encourage other people to start using natural ingredients as cures for their health issues.

Common houseleek, or semprevivum is a plant with 10-60 cm height, thick and juicy leaves forming a rosette. It does not need too much water, just like cactus, but if it is planted in your backyard, then it does not need to water it. This plant flourishes from July until October and during that period one can gather the leaves for making tea and other cures.

Fresh juice from common houseleek is great for:

  • Healing burns;
  • Insect bites;
  • Curing bunions and warts;
  • Removes freckles;
  • Removes herpes;
  • Heals cracked skin;
  • Inflamed gums;
  • Inflamed ears;
  • Sore throat.

Common houseleek tea is good for:

  • Abounding and painful menstruations;
  • Dysentery;
  • Urine exertion.

How to prepare the tea


  • 2 tsp of common houseleek cut into tiny pieces;
  • 1 glass of hot water.

How to prepare it: pour the leaves with the hot water and let it stay for 2 hours, strain it and then drink ¼ glass of it, 4 times a day before your meals.

Honey and common houseleek ad a natural cure


  • 500 gr of organic honey;
  • 300 gr of common houseleek leaves.

How to prepare it: grind the leaves and mix them with the honey. Let it stay for couple of days and when ready consume 1 teaspoon of the mixture on an empty stomach. Do not eat anything 2 hours after that. During winter, due to less common movements there is greater amount of harmful toxins in our body, thus this mixture will speed up the metabolism and will cleanse the body from those toxins. People with heart diseases may use it, too. It has been proven to cure myoma of the uterus and ovarian cysts.

Common houseleek ointment is good for:

  • Wounds that appeared due to pressure or crush;
  • Ulcers;
  • Bunting;
  • Fistula;
  • Insect bites;


  • 200 gr of grease;
  • 1 handful of chopped common houseleek leaves.

How to prepare it: wash the grease in 9 waters and then mix all the ingredients in a pot. Put it on a stove and let it melt on a low temperature. As soon as it melts, remove it from the heat and let it stay for 12 hours. After that, you should put it on a low heat again so that it becomes liquid and strain it in a jar. Store the jar in the fridge.


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