Get rid of your Chapped Lips – 4 Natural ways of exfoliating your lips

When someone next speaking to you with a chapped, cracked lips you definitely get a feeling of dryness, embracing. When you feel the same in winter, it is the worst feeling. Chapped lips are all mess with lipsticks, crayons or whatever lip color you use. These dry lips are caused by weather, dehydration, medication or dead cells. You can exfoliate these dead cells by these simple and yet with natural homemade ingredients.

Exfoliation minimizes the dark spots on your lips. You will get plain and soft lips after exfoliating them. You can exfoliate your lips in a variety number of ways. Homemade scrubs exfoliate the lips naturally while exfoliation products are also effective. You can try both of them.

1.Olive Oil + Sugar Scrub

Sugar is one of the most efficient and natural exfoliators to scrub your lips at home. Take some sugar and a few blobs of olive oil in a small bowl. Continue to mix until you get a solid paste. Massage your lips with this exfoliator with a clean washcloth or fingertips in the circular motions. Wash your lips off with hygienic water. Now, the upper skin of your lips is open, clean and more sensitive.

2.Baking Soda + Toothbrush

Baking soda will also be a good thing to exfoliate your lips. It is an ideal home remedy to remove the impurities or dead skin cells from your lips, so lips look sharp and clean. Take some baking soda on the palm. Pour several drops of water and mix them together. Put the mixer on the toothbrush and scrub your lips with the brush for 2 minutes. A washcloth can be also used to rub the lips. Cleanse your lips off with warm water.

3.Honey +sugar

If olive oil is not your thing, then we have a sweeter option for that. And it is Honey. Take some sugar and few drops of honey, mix them well. Apply it on your lips, scrub them gently. Try not to lick it (kidding). Honey is the best natural moisturizer, so it exfoliates and keep your lips soft.

4.Petroleum Jelly

This method of exfoliation of the lips is an effective way to remove all the unnecessary burdens from the upper layer of the lips. Take an old straight bristle soft toothbrush. Leave a dose of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on the lips. Rub your lips with the toothbrush in the circular motions not more than 2 minutes. Rinse off your lips with lukewarm water. No more dull skin cells on the lips.


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