Five Reasons Why Your Diet Is Not Working

Almost every person prone to gaining weight has faced the problem of unsuccessful weight loss and a complete failure after a painstaking effort put into a certain diet. Even though this is very common, every failed attempt happens for a series of identical mistakes which sabotage the process.

Excessive portions of food
As the vast majority of diets are based on food choice, people who want to lose weight, convinced they are eating healthy food, are not even aware that they can gain weight by consuming only the healthiest foods. It simple, your meal plan should be full of a variety of food but only in small portions.

An unbalanced diet and inadequate intake of nutrients
Everyone has heard of proteins, everyone has heard of carbohydrates and fat, but when it comes to making the perfect balance on the plate, then all the people who have problems with their weight, just can’t keep up. So, completely avoiding all carbohydrates is nonsense, you should only eliminate the simple ones (sweets and white flour pastry), proteins must be a part of the meal, as well as fat (only unsaturated – from fish, olives, avocados, nuts). All these three elements conducted through a preliminary serving size analysis are enough for a good start of a diet.

A diet without physical activity
Losing weight without physical activity is possible, but the complete process if far more successful if you introduce an exercising routine. It tightens the body, which ultimately is the goal, and it also provides the opportunity to spend those extra calories and speeds up the process of losing weight.

Avoiding omega-3 fatty acids
Fats may be most calorific and are usually excluded from every diet, but if you do avoid them you miss all the benefits omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids provide. One of those benefits (it seems illogical at first) is increasing the efficiency of the diet and speeding up the process of weight loss. Besides, the health benefits such as making the immune system stronger are very important.

Counting the calories without the right intake strategy
Counting calories might be the most efficient way to reach your goal, because by using mathematics you are able to increase, reduce and maintain the body weight. Still calculating in 95 % of cases leads to starvation and loss of muscle mass. The worst thing is that after relaxing the body is struggling to compensate what was lost, which often results in gaining more weight than you started with. It is smart to pay attention to the calorific values of the food, and losing weight without starving yourself is possible. With a balance protein, carbohydrate and good fats intake, as well as with physical activity, it is certainly possible to make losing weight a simple, easy and remarkably efficient process.


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