Five Easy Tips To Get Rid Of Fatigue Without Taking Coffee!!!

Are you one of those people who feel tired after waking up in the morning, and as the day goes on, you feel fatigued and have a hard time finding motivation to get things done? Guess what, you can get more energy and stay alert even without caffeine.

31% of adults suffer with chronic fatigue and when it is accompanied by widespread achiness, “brain fog”, and severe insomnia, it progresses in a condition called fibromyalgia. Sugar and caffeine will only make this issue worse, but here is what you can do in order to boost yourself with some energy throughout the day.

  • Sleep – you can take a mix of herbs which will provide you a 9-hour sleep. You may start with 6 herbs which are present in the “Revitalizing Sleep Formula” by Enzymatic Therapies.
  • Hormonal deficiencies – you may want to check and treat thyroid deficiency, as it may be a cause of your tiredness. Even if lab tests say “normal”, check it with your doctor.
  • Infections – if you have sinusitis or spastic colon, treat for Candida.
  • Nutritional support – more than 35 supplement tablets are replaced by the “Energy Revitalization System” vitamin powder with only one drink. We will recommend a special nutrients named D-Ribose which increases energy by 61% after a treatment of 3 weeks.
  • Exercise – do this preferably out in the sunshine and fresh air. There is a free Symptom Analysis program at which will help you determine what is causing your fatigue and can also help you tailor a treatment program which will make you feel amazing.



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