Finally FDA accepts that Chicken meat has Cancer causing agents

If you are a non vegetarian, it is very sure chicken meat must be in your shelves so often. When you are in a restaurant, I am damn sure you finally end up with ordering a chicken dish from the menu card, after thinking for various other options.

Chicken has drawn that much in a non vegetarian’s life. Even when we introduce foods to our toddlers, we feel chicken is easy to make them eat than other meats. When it comes to food we believe over the nicely packed food, but fail to see how it is made. For some time we hearing some adverse effects of eating chicken like hormonal imbalances, resistance to antibiotics, etc. In this matter  now FDA has come down to accept the cancer causing agents in chicken.

It is appalling, but the FDA made this confession at long last: Chicken meat does contain arsenic, a cancer-causing agent which is let halin high dosages.And the fact that the poisonous chemical is added to the chicken feed deliberately is even more appalling!

Things went from bad to worse especially after the FDA had carried out their own research. It showed that the arsenic added to the chicken fodder actually ends up in the chicken meat, from where it ends up in humans’ stomachs! It also made it clear that in the last half a century the Americans have been consuming arsenic coming from the “typical” chicken stuff!

Arsenic is a natural element that acts like a metal. In its organic form, arsenic is present in the Earth’s crust, soil, water and air. Inorganic arsenic, on the other hand, is produced by industrial processes like mining and cold-fired power plants, and is present in the air, water and soil, according to GreenFacts. Long-term exposure to arsenic has been linked to a host of health problems, including type 2 diabetes, cognitive defects in fetuses, heart disease and various cancers.

It is not only high with arsenic, but also it is the main reason when you are resistant to antibiotic chicken is the main cause. This also leads to hormonal imbalances in growing children. Especially in women , chicken is responsible for many hormone related problems like early puberty, fibroids in uterus, PCOD etc.

So the only solution we got to do it is, go for organic meat, though it seems pricey. It can reduce your risks of the above mentioned harmness.


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