Fight Insomnia with Asparagus Juice The ONLY Sleeping Aid

Is there anything that is more annoying and frustrating than insomnia? Most of us have had experienced what this means. Laying in bed, checking the clock every hour, calculating how much time has rested for sleeping and realizing how exhausted you are at the end.

How Asparagus Juice Can Fight Insomnia

We are all aware about the risks and side effects that sleep medications bring. Daytime grogginess, dependence, irritability and weight gain are just some of the easiest side effects.
This recipe for asparagus juice contains healthy ingredients that will help you establish a healthy sleep schedule. Asparagus is loaded with nutrients, vitamin and minerals. Celery and cucumber reduce the levels of mental and physical stress, which is good for those suffering from insomnia because of anxiety.
This beverage also contains ginger, which is best known natural stomach cure. So if you have problems with sleeping due to some digestive disorders ginger can help you.

Asparagus Juice For Quality Sleep

The best thing is that you can consume this asparagus juice every day to help you regulate your sleeping patterns and improve your health.

You’ll need:
• 9 stalks of asparagus
• 2 stalks of celery
• 1 green apple
• 1 cucumber
• 1 lemon
• 1 inch of ginger root

Method of preparation:
Follow these easy steps to make the asparagus juice. It is recommended to drink this juice every day after your lunch, so you can prepare it in the morning and have it ready for the afternoon.
1. Soak the asparagus stalks in cold water and leave them for an hour.
2. Cut the lemon, apple and cucumber into pieces.
3. Put the fruits along with the ginger and celery in a blender and mix them until you get a smooth texture.
4. Take out the asparagus from the water and add it in the blender. Blend again.

This drink relaxes your body and all its ingredients positively affect the causes of insomnia, stress, digestion and high blood pressure.


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