Fears of a Breastfeeding mom

This first week of August, we are celebrating the world breastfeeding week. According to their official website , world breastfeeding week 2016 is a theme on raising awareness on the link between breastfeeding and the value of wellbeing  from the start. Today most mothers are well aware of the value of breastfeeding , but still, there are some fears among them.

First let us see some interesting facts on breastfeeding,

  • The breastmilk is the ideal food for newborns and infants , it contains the natural antibodies which cannot be substituted by any formula feeds. So the infant under breastfeeding doesn’t require any antibiotics externally to protect from common illness.
  • Breastfeeding is not only good for the baby but also for the young mother. It reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancer and Type II diabetes.
  • According to WHO, breastfeeding contributes a lifetime good health. And also they likely to perform better in intelligence tests.
  • Breastfeeding helps the mother overcome the postpartum depression.

Now let us discuss the fears faced by young mothers on breastfeeding,

This fears and myths start hitting you from the final trimester of your pregnancy. When it comes to a baby everyone has their own set of advice to share with you. Sometimes you hear a lot of stories and bad experiences that put a damper on your dream. But there is no need to worry a lot about it because breastfeeding is just normal , doable nurturing activity any young mother can handle.

Below are some fears which are common among young moms,

Does the baby had enough

This is the first thing most moms are scared of, they have a fear of whether I am able to make enough milk for the baby’s needs. According to a recent survey, it is revealed that only 2% of healthy normal women are unable to produce milk. The rest can produce the milk as the baby needs, if not also you can increase breast milk through a certain type of foods.

Fear of Hurting

Breastfeeding will likely to hurt at some point in time for everyone, it may be due to the swollen nipples,  engorged breasts from too much milk coming or a biting baby. Most mothers experience the pain in the first 3 months but when it becomes your routine it will soothe on normally. You can consult a physician for help and also nipple soothing creams/gels are widely available, you can try that also.

Getting back to work

Today most young mothers are working , so they have a fear of what if they can do while returning to work. Because most working environments don’t have a proper space for a breastfeeding mom. So you must consider your convenience in that case.

Looks of the breast might change

Most women have this fear. But it is sure that whether you feed or not the shape of your body changes after pregnancy. This is so normal in every women’s life cycle. And also, they also fear about the changes in sex life with their partners. This fear is totally absurd, it is nothing to do with your sex life. So just ignore this kind of fears.

Feeding in front of others

Today every young mom faces the fear of feeding the baby in public places. Nowadays most public places have special amenities for feeding mothers. And also you can use nursing covers while going for the outing. Everyone around you is ready to support breastfeeding for the health of the baby.




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