Enjoy the sun without worries of Tan – 4 easy and natural Tan removing masks


And finally its summer, time to get out with friends, having fun at beaches, plan for a trekking. This is the time of the year when families come together and have loads of fun. Despite all the happiness and fun, at the end of the day, most of us are left with unattractive sun tan on face and body that takes away all the fun from the outing. With the lack of time, most of us, opt for quick fix solutions like a session of bleach or use chemical laden cosmetic products for instant tan removal. But all these products take a serious toll on the delicate skin of the face and show fatal side-effects in the long run. Therefore here we are providing 4 simple and natural homemade tan removal face masks to get rid of the tan quickly.

1.Lemon juice + Tomato + Yogurt

Lemon is the best thing you give for your tanned skin, This face pack incorporates the powerful bleaching properties of lemon, tomato, and yogurt and is one of the best face packs for improving the skin tone naturally. It works wonders in removing dark spots and pigmentation from the sun tanned skin. In addition, tomato juice works as a natural toner to shrink open pores and reduce oiliness of the skin, whereas yogurt helps in moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

  1. Honey and Papaya Pack

This delicious fruit pack helps remove sun tan from the face by using the goodness of the helpful enzymes present in papaya. The enzyme papain present in papaya has potent skin-lightening properties that help in removing sun tan and reduces the visibility of scars and blemishes. The other enzymes in papaya are known for skin renewal, exfoliation, and restoration.


  1. Cucumber + Rosewater +Lemon

And again this also a wonderful combination of natural ingredients with lemon that reacts that quick with your sun tan. cucumber and lemon – two perfect natural bleaching agents. Lemon juice is a rich source of vitamin C and citric acid, both of which help in lightening skin tone and is the natural solution to the question of how to maintain clear skin. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes the damage caused be free radicals and helps in lightening tan, age spots, and dark spots. But it is a must to use a sunscreen with high SPF when using a lemon remedy because the acidic nature of the juice can make the skin sensitive to the UV rays of the sun.

  1. Potato + Lemon

This one is probably the easiest to prepare and apply. Potato pulp and juice are both age-old home remedies that have given wonderful results. This pack removes blemishes, improves the health of the skin, and lightens up the texture. Apply this pack for a week. The tan will definitely go away. Your skin will be nourished from within, thanks to the presence of Vitamin C. Take the juice from a medium potato and mix it with one tablespoon lemon juice.

Apply, leave on for 30 minutes and rinse.





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