Embarrassing Bad Morning Breath- check out the ways to eliminate it

Most mornings waking up with our loved ones beside us , with a smile on our face, a new daylight on our eyes is such a romantic way to start. But what makes it a most embarrassing start is a bad morning breath. It can ruin the whole scene in just a minute. There may be different reasons behind that but it should be given some attention to eliminating it.

If there are some serious causes behind that you must for sure consult a doctor. But otherwise simply avoiding certain foods can help you a lot.

Foods should be Avoided

Garlic takes the first place in the foods you should avoid in the night before going to sleep. The next one will be cheese, the main reason behind the bad morning breath is that the saliva in our mouth flows in our mouth all through the day, but when you sleep it stops. So your mouth starts to collect bacteria and other particles which cause bad odour under your tongue. The other foods mainly to avoid is coffee and beer

Ways to avoid Bad Morning Breath


Chewing a spring of parsley is a time-honored medicine for bad morning breath. Just chew a few leaves first in the morning. It will slowly eliminate the bad odour.

Celery Stalk

Another herb which helps you from this is celery. Just chew a stalk of celery, you can see the changes within a few seconds.

An Apple a day

As the saying says, starting with an apple can avoid your bad breath and also gives your teeth a quick scrub. It is a perfect remedy for bad morning breath.

Apple cider vinegar

Mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water, gargle it. Swish it around your mouth. Use it as a mouthwash as first thing in the morning. It can slowly eliminate the bad breath problem from your life.

Sleep on your side

While sleeping you can make a little change to avoid bad breath, sleeping on the sides will avoid snoring and breathing through the mouth. This, in turn, avoids the accumulation of bacteria in the open mouth.

Brush before Bed

This is as said by our mothers for ages, try to brush twice and clean your tongue before going to bed. This can effect a lot on your bad breaths.

Apart from this bad breath has nothing to do with your health. It is just accumulation of bacteria while you sleep. You can easily avoid it by following the above-mentioned ways.



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