Early signs of stroke you shouldn’t be ignoring

In each minute of stroke, your brain loses an estimated 1.9 million cells. Each hour a stroke goes untreated ages your brain the equivalent of three and a half years. The longer a stroke lasts or a patient doesn’t receive treatment, the greater chance of lingering speech difficulties, memory loss, or behavioral changes. The earlier a stroke is caught, the better the treatment options, which can minimize damage and improve the odds of a fuller recovery.

There are two kinds of stroke. An ischemic stroke means blocked blood vessels cause a reduction in blood flow in the brain. A hemorrhagic stroke means a ruptured blood vessel is leaking blood in the brain. Symptoms for both kinds of stroke can be the same.

Here we shall see some early symptoms of stroke that make us cautious,

Your vision shows you double signs

Vision problems like seeing double, blurriness, or loss of sight in one eye can be a sign of a stroke, but many people blame this on old age or tiredness. “Seeing two images is very unusual for just being tired or reading too much. A blocked blood vessel can reduce the amount of oxygen getting to the eye, which causes vision issues that may not be accompanied by any other signs of stroke.


If you wake up from sleep and your arm or leg is numb, it is easy to assume its due to over compressed nerve. But the real reason is decreased blood flow through the arteries that run up your spine to the back of your head causes numbness or weakness on one side of the body.

Slurred Speech

Some people often chalk up with speech, normally it doesn’t occur. So if there is some notable difference in your speech, it really needs some attention.


Alcohol always may not be the reason for your imbalance. If suddenly you start to stumble, can’t walk straight. Then you should really need to check with stroke causes.

Struggle in finding words

When you have trouble thinking of the right words or lose their train of thought, and feel tired or foggy. You might struggle to think of a word every once in awhile, but there shouldn’t be a long period of time where you can’t think of anything to say or be unable to speak.

A heavy headache

It might just be a migraine, but if you’re not prone to them, it could be a stroke. So if you are often having a heavy unbearable headache, and it is not migraine then you really need to check with stroke symptoms.


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