Drinking Water on Empty Stomach Immediately After Waking Up!

Scientists say that drinking water on empty stomachis the best thing you can do for save your health.
Years and years ago Japanese people have proven it. They claim, if you practice it every day you haven’t problems with cancer, heart beating fast, arthritis,meningitis etc.

To get good results you need follow this order each day:

  1. The first thing you should do after waking up, even before brushing teeth is drinking 4 x 160 ml of water.
  2. After that you can brush your teeth and another 45 minutes don’t eat anything.
  3. After eating breakfast, lunch and dinner do not drink or eat anything for another 2 hours.

If you consume 4 glasses of water of day, risks of cancer will disappear for 180 days, TB for 90 days, high blood pressure and diabetes for 30 days and
constipation and gastric for 10 days.
People who have problems with arthritis should practice treatment only 3 days the first week and continue daily from next week.
Drinking water is healthy and there no side effects.


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