Do you know what you’ll get if you mix soda and honey? You will be surprised!

Consumption of this combination every day for 3 tsp, In period of a month, will surprise you with the results! The conception of mixing together soda with maple syrup or honey seems to be ridiculous, because cancer cells are alimenting(feeding) with sugars. But in this case, the sugar is acting in an unexpected way. The cancer cells don’t reach to utilize the sugar for growing, because s0da neutralizes them. The honey is going to the c@ncer cells and with use/advantage of the honey or the sirup, the soda enters in cancer cells.


Mix together part of the soda with three parts/pieces of maple syrup or honey. Preheat and mix together on light fire for 10 minutes.


Take 3 tsp a day, in period of a month.

During this therapy you should get away from meat, sugar and white flour.


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