Count until 20

All the studies have shown that none of the machines did not reach the given time of 10 seconds to completely dry the hands. However, 20 seconds are needed to dry the hands effectively, but very small number of people will stay so long to dry their hands, says the microbiologist Ron Cuttler. According to his knowledge, the best method is to first dry the hands with the hand dryer, and then use the towels.

Affection of the noise

Scientists from London University discovered how the noise of these machines terrorize older people, people with dementia and hyperacusis. In children with autism and Asperger’s syndrome this can lead to noise oversensitivity.

The main person in the unit for practice noise research in Goldsmith University, John Levack Drever claims that many hand dryers have greater noise level than those in the commercials. He is full of understanding how the manufacturers care about people’s hygiene as well as ergonomics, but we will come into a situation where people would stop washing and drying their hands. He adds that manufacturers should think about the noise as well in their future design.

Washing is important

Microbiologist Hugh Pennigton says that it is not that significant how people dry their hands, but the important thing is how they wash them. There was a research carried out in 2008 where liquid soaps dispensers have been put in the gas station toilets throughout the UK and only 32% of men and 64% of women used it, out of 200 thousand people who entered there. He advises that the hands need to be put under warm water, soap should be used and the hands need to be well rubbed all the way to the wrists, between the fingers and around the nails. The time spent on rubbing hands with soap should be 20 seconds.