Defeat Bacteria and Clean Plaque and Tartar

Almost every bigger store has a section with plenty and different products for oral care and hygiene like mouth washes, dental flosses, toothpastes, etc. Most people usually buy the same products that have been using for a long time without thinking that there might be something more effective than the commercial products. And yes, there is one product that for maintaining oral hygiene that is effective, simple and cheap– baking soda. Baking soda doesn’t contain chemicals and it’s completely natural. This useful agent is extremely beneficial as it is able to fight bacteria and clean plague and tartar.

Baking soda for teeth brushing

Try brushing your teeth with baking soda and you’ll be amazed by the results. First rinse your brush with some water and then dip it into baking soda. Brushing your teeth with this natural toothpaste and afterwards wash your mouth with water. To achieve an even better effect, add a few drops of peppermint essential oil or cinnamon oil and your mouth will be fresh and clean. You can also add a few drops of vinegar or a pinch of cooking salt, which will help disaffecting your mouth from cavity.
Using baking soda for brushing your teeth will also help to whiten and polish your teeth. Baking soda will help prevent cavity formation and it is excellent against plaque and tartar.

Other positive effects of baking soda

Acids that occur in the mouth are the main cause of having bad breath and baking soda can defeat them too. Mix some baking soda in water and rinse your mouth to get rid of ulcers and sores. Due to the ability to remove plaque baking soda helps against inflammations and gum diseases.
But, don’t exaggerate with brushing your teeth with baking soda as it has mildly abrasive effect.
And finally, instead of using expensive, artificial and sometimes ineffective mouth washes, toothpastes and other products for oral hygiene try this natural and also very cheap remedy.


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