Your Daily Skincare Routine for Dry Skin

Each one of us has a different skin type, everybody aims for a flawless skin that too glowing all the time whatever season it may be or whatever age you are. Some of us have dry skin type which is always flaky, red, and sore. A dry skin is one which absorbs moisuture like tones and tones of cement in water. This is the way you can find that you come under a dry skin regime.

Here we are going to see a skincare routine to be followed to make your dry skin to a flawless glowing skin. You might be wondering why we need a routine , because your dry skin cannot be eliminated in one night with one magical cream. It is a step by step process and also  helps you in maintaining it in longer run.

This skincare routine is divided into 3 parts,

  1. Morning Rituals,
  2. Go for the Day,
  3. Before your Bed.


Morning Rituals


  1. Everyday when you wake up the first thing you are going to do after brushing up is to wash your face with lukewarm water. Then apply a suitable cleanser for dry skin type. Cleansing helps you to clean your pores. Give a good massage with it, and wash again with warm water.
  2. Before going to bath, you can apply a natural face pack to exfoliate the dead cells from your face. Dry skin type usually have more dead cells than other types.


The natural exfoliation pack,




  • 2 teaspoon Brown sugar,
  • 1 tsp Honey
  • 2 tsp olive oil


Mix them well and apply on your face scrub them for some time and leave it for 5 mins, then wash your face with water.


This will naturally exfoliate your deep dead cells.


Go for the Day


  1. Don’t forget to take care of your skin while stepping out for the day, the very first thing you are going to do is to apply moisturizer when you come of bath. The next important is a sunscreen lotion.
  2. During the first morning break or coffee break, just walk to the wash room and apply a very thin layer of moisturizer which you used during the morning.
  3. Apply a good lip balm, gloss or lipstick. I would suggest that before applying your favourite lipstick or lip gloss, first apply a very thin layer of lip balm.
  4. Always carry a water bottle and keep on sipping water from time to time. This will naturally keep your skin hydrated.

Before your Bed

  1. After a stressful day, while you are going to bed don’t forget to take care of your skin,
  2. The first thing you should do is to remove your make up with a remover solution,
  3. Then wash it with a good cleanser for your skin type,
  4. Now apply moisturizer on your skin, when it comes to moisturizer if you want to go for natural one you can choose plain coconut oil, just take 2 tsp of it and apply all over your face. Coconut oil is used as the best remedy to dry skin problems.






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