Cold Hands And Feet Can Be A Bad Sign

Does it happen that your hands and feet are cold and that it’s impossible to warm them? If that appearance is very common, it can be an alarming sign e.g. an indicator of some serious health conditions.


Besides cold hands, do you feel some other symptoms like fatigue, headaches and physical weakness, too? Then, you should check the iron in your blood. Namely, iron is the main ingredient of hemoglobin, the molecules which transfers oxygen into your blood and gives it the red color.


Coldness as well as tingling in the hands and feet can be the first signs of diabetes. Diabetes leaves consequences on the blood flow, as well as on the nervous system, so it’s often followed by these appearances. You’re constantly thirsty, you eat a lot and you still don’t get fat or skinny? You must check the level of your blood sugar again.

Thyroid gland

Hypothyroidism or slowed work of the thyroid gland leads to slowing of the metabolism itself and it’s often followed by cold extremities or sense of coldness. Fatigue, lethargy, sleepiness, slowed speech and movements, as well as intolerance of high temperatures are clear symptoms of this disorder.


Stress can also be a cause of cold hands and feet. Namely, it increases the adrenaline, a hormone which is produced in the adrenal glands, which narrows the blood vessels, so the circulation is weaker and the hands and the feet are colder.

These are some foods that might help:


Olive oil

Red wine






Berries and fruit rich in vitamin C

Pumpkin seeds

Raw-boned fruit


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