Characteristics of people who can WIN the TROUBLE. ARE YOU ONE OF THEM !!!

Their resistance is awesome. They have the ability to handle even the worst diagnoses.

I remember the day I found out that my aunt has cancer. Although he was one of the most positive person I’ve ever met, I was worried about how she would submit that diagnosis.

Now that her cancer is in remission, she remains positive person I know. It is even more than that, because it has, as I call it, the elegant spirit.

Cancer, in the world of my aunt, was a small valley hidden among the many famous peaks of her life. Although he may have had some moments of despair as we all do when we find ourselves in their minds, that they can not see the light at the end of the tunnel, she never showed people around him.

He never complained. During treatment, she continued to go to work. Long days of chemotherapy in the hospital was turned into a party with her friends were talking, laughing and playing cards.

Her life is thrown an arrow, and she herself shot, caught this shot and created her bow. She knew she could not control the fact that the arrow went up to her, but her arc could have been holding steady. Instead of victory, the arrow is finally strengthened.

As a doctor, I have met many such elegant spirits. Their resistance is awesome. They have the ability to handle even the worst diagnoses.


Here are five things that are common to people full of life and good spirits:


1) They use awareness

Awareness is the art of paying attention to the purpose of his life. Attentive people follow the course of his thoughts. Instead of reacting to negative, they are seen as storm passes.

They pay attention to what is right in their lives, what gives them the strength and value of which increases the beauty that surrounds them.

They understand their role in the universal stream of life. They realize that they are part of the divine cycle of life and death.

In this view, they remain as around the center of the tornado.

The world will continue to change around them. But in the center of the tornado is their mind in which the serenity and peace.


2) Do not compare yourself with others

They do not spend your time feeling sorry for yourself. They understand that each person has a different flow of life and so it is pointless to compare the trajectory of your life with someone else.

They are constantly trying to be the new and improved version of yourself. And as long as they are better than they were yesterday, they know they are on the right track.

And they had their timers stick of success.


3) They understand that after every major failure even greater transformation

I remember, in medical school, when we were taught how to communicate to the patient the bad news, I was in the shadow of a doctor who has communicated 40 years old woman diagnosed with breast cancer in the fourth phase.

Immediately, without hesitation, the woman said: “I know one thing. After every major obstacle is even greater transformation. ”

People full of life realize this. They see problems as stepping stones to the transformation.


4) They find humor in everything

Laughter is a spiritual practice. It connects us with the part of our soul that heals. When we laugh with others we gain a sense of connection and belonging.

Laughter can help to reduce blood pressure and increases vascular blood flow. It can do wonders for our health.

People in good spirits looking for a reason to laugh. Find humor in everything. They realize that paying attention to the usual stuff is what makes life extraordinary.


5) They do not try to control their lives

Gary Zukav has been written about the elegant ghosts:

“Journey falcon depends on the falcon and the wind. The Wind is life. These are all things that occur from the moment of birth until death. The elegant ghosts do not know what awaits them next, even as hawks do not know who will win the next blow. This does not bother them because they do not try to control their lives, even as hawks do not try to control the wind. ”

People full of life and good spirits are not trying to control their lives. They surrender the direction of the wind. They adjust their sails and drive the next wave of life.

People who have overcome hardship, enormous obstacles or disease often feel that life goes with black and white colors and lots of beautiful colorful colors after them. They are turning the beautiful things in their lives. They practice mindfulness. Stop comparing yourself with others. Find humor in everything.

They know that they have changed.


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