Best food that`s better for your heart than regular exercise

The Mediterranean Diet is a style of living and consuming food (and drinks) typical for traditional cultures surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.

What we eat and how we live our life?

After a series of research experts proved that the Mediterranean diet is one of the best for a healthier and longer life. People who practice ‘the Mediterranean’ diet have a lower risk of heart disease by as much as 47 percent and has more “protective effects” for the heart than the regular exercises.

The research results about the Mediterranean diet were presented at the 64th annual scientific sarcasm in San Diego. The study included 2,500 Greeks between the age of 18-89 years from 2001 to 2012. The participants filled out questionnaires about their lifestyle and dietary habits and their health status before the start of the research, then again after five years and at the end of the research period. It is interesting that the results showed that women were more consistent in maintaining healthier eating habits than men.

Ekavi Georgousopoulou from the University Harokopio in Athens who did the research claims that according his study results Mediterranean diet is useful for all people, regardless of gender, age groups and health conditions, and it is especially beneficial for heart health, treatment of diabetes, hypertension and prevention of inflammation.

Fruits, vegetables and whole grains

The Mediterranean diet is based on many plant-based foods, as, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, potatoes. Bread can not be avoided, but this includes only dial healthier breads, such as those with whole grains.

Olive oil, red wine

The Mediterranean diet allows healthy fat. Use olive oil in your diet every day and drink a glass of red wine, say experts.

White meat, fish, eggs

Instead of the red meat rather choose white meat, eggs seasoned with garlic and spices and fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids.


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